Monday, 12 March 2007

Timmerman-Powerslide world team 2007

Timmerman-Powerslide Since this week the Timmerman-Powerslide team is training together in Holland. The team, with Shinki Yamamoto, Ronan Sanchez, Karlo Timmerman, Mark Horsten en Gary Hekman are preparing for the upcoming season.
After the succesfull season 2006, Yann Guyader left the team to join the new Matter worldteam. Team Timmerman-Powerslide give a chance to the young Spanish Ronan Sanchez and the Japanese champion Shinki Yamamoto. together with the contracted Dutch champion marathon Gary Hekman, Dutch champion elimination Mark Horsten and Dutch champion 500 Karlo Timmerman the team is ready to compete in 2007.
The team is proud to present Timmerman Transport and Powerslide as the mainsponsors of 2007. Together with some new sponsors, the team is looking forward t the new season. Next week the team will travel to Gijon (spain) for a trainingscamp together with the flowteam. European champion Jan Blokhuijsen is a new member of the flowteam.

Nachi Shinozuka:

Japanese Nachi Shinozuka travelled with Shinki to Holland. She will join the Timmerman-Powerslide team for the trainingscamp to spain and will race some races in Holland for Timmerman-Powerslide. In the World-Inline-cup she will join the Powerslide-World-inlinecenter team. Nachi is marathon champion 2006 of japan.

Ronan Sanchez winner Spanish indoorchampionship:

Last weekend Ronan Sanchez of Timmerman Powerslide won the Spanish indoorchampionship. He won both the 1000m and 3000 pointrace. After winning in Gijon, Timmerman-Powerslide is starting well again in 2007!

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