Sunday, 25 March 2007

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Sunday, 18 March 2007

French Nationals

Next week end will take place in the little city of "Damgan" on the western shore of France in the south of French brittany.Skaters will compete during both days of the week end with an individual TT on saturday, 3k for juniors and 5k for seniors on a very windy circuit.On sunday will be the thoughest race of the week end with a 42k race for junior women, men and senior women and a 70k for senior men on a 4k circuit with very few corners and windy straights.Back from hell after a big crash in sempach in a 2006 and a successfull ice season Tristan Loy the oldest guy of the bunch seems to be once again the one to beat but all the guys from both Powerslide and Matter team are ready for the battle.Pascal which seemed to be the strongest last week in the 50 k of la "Ferté Bernard" seems to be capable to catch the victory as well as the other Ps guys Thomas Boucher,Ewen Fernandez and Alexis Contin just back from the Ice Skating single distance Worlds in Salt Lake City USA.In the women race the winner of 2006 Nathalie Barbotin from the italian based team Alessi-Powerslide-Pierrel is back after spending 5 month in India training in better weather condition than the cold european winter.All the PS guys are ready to go and we should have a pretty good show with all this world class skaters trying to catch the national champion jersey.Lets cross the finger to get good weather conditions, what is not really common in French Brittany more used to rainy days.

Pictures and races report will be online as soon as possible after each race.


Thursday, 15 March 2007

New rolling-alliance page available.

The Rolling-Alliance page has been updated lately.With an awesome new design this page will provide you all the powerslide daily racing news with: photo, news, interviews, tech releases from arround the world.



Matter-World Inline Center winning again

Last sunday in the small city of "La Ferté Bernard" close to the well known city of "Le Mans" for its 24hours car race was the very first marathon of the season in France.The 200 skaters were ready to go on a tricky circuit after a long while without competing since the last marathon in 2006 .Lucky them the weather condition were great,15° with a full blue sky and the sun was shinning.At 3pm was the start and some world class skaters were there.Nico Wieduwielt and Pascal Ramali the two world class German skaters from the Zepto-Bont team were there after spending some weeks training in Nantes with the Matter team and Pascal Briand.Ewen Fernandez from the Matter-World inline center team and Pascal Briand from the Powerslide-Phuzion factory team were also there to catch their first victory of the season on marathon.The race was a 50 k race which is usually the best preparation for the french skaters before the 70k French National championships, that's why some other good french skaters were there like Julien Depaux World champion on the relay track in Anyang with the two member of the Matter-World Inline Center team Thomas Boucher and Yann Guyader.The race was tough, a lot of skaters were trying to brake away, especially Pascal which seemed to be in a really good shape back from the ice winter season.Unfortunatly everybody was jumping behind him and nobody wanted to relay him...Ewen tried also many times to break with Nico and Pascal both member of the Zepto-Bont but the road was really smooth and the pack was always catching them.Everyody seemed to be waiting for a bunch sprint when Pascal Ramali broke away and went for a kind of single time trial. After seeing the gap increasing Pascal briand tried again to catch the skater from the Zepto team but they were nothing to do everybody was following him,that was the moment when Ewen Fernandez and Julien Sourisseau from Loops Racing deceided to attack and try to catch the single guy ahead.After shasing for more than 5k they finally caught Pascal Ramali.They were 1 lap to go and 500 meter to the end Ewen went to the front and launched the sprint, nobody was able to overtake him and Ewen took his very first victory in senior on Marathon in front of Pascal Ramali and Julien Sourisseau after catching the silver medal in Anyang in junior.The bunch sprint was won by Nico Wieduwilt which attacked 1k to the end followed by Pascal Briand probably the strongest man in the race.


1st: Ewen Fernandez FRA Matter-World Inline Center

2nd:Pascal Ramali GER Zepto-Bont

3rd:Julien Sourisseau FRA Loops Racing

4th:Nico Wieduwilt GER Zepto-Bont

5th:Pascal Briand FRA Powerslide Phuzion

Wednesday, 14 March 2007

ITW with Thomas boucher

Hey thomas, how was the training during the winter after a pretty long season in 2006?

-After the 2006 season i was really tired,that's why i took some rest to recover from this huge season.I did not skate for a month before restarting training easily. In comparison with the previous winter i restarted training hard like a month later, in the early january to be in a good shape at the end of may-beginning of june which is gonna be a tough month for us since we're gonna skate marathon every weekend and sometimes twice.I had the same training schedule with running session, indoor training, plyometrics and outdoor training and some indoor soccer for fun.They main difference for me since the previous winter is that i tried ice skating in the Nederlands for a month to get fun, by the way i did some ice marathon in B and i got quite a lot of fun. The winter here in europe is always a long way to go since you train in the cold that's why i'm pretty happy to restart the inline season to catch some rays.

-This year you are joining the brand new Matter-World Inline Center team, you left the Powerslide world team but you still belong to the BIG Powerslide family; how do you feel with this change for your career in the future? What are you waiting from this new challenge?

-As everybody knows the WIC rules slighlty changed for 2007 from 5 skaters to 4 skaters for the races overseas that's why powerslide couldn't keep all of us as we all wanted to do all the races.I had a one year contract and the others signed for two years that's why i left the team, but i really wanted to stay in the Powerslide family as all the Powerslide crew gave me such a big support in 2006 and thanks to them i'm still in the family. I'm really happy to join the Matter-World Inline Center team eventhough i would have been happy too to stay in the PS team as i truely believe that the best way to build a strong team is to stay all together for a long while in order to create some automatism as Salomon did in the past. I'm ready for the season to begin and i'm eager to be in Seoul.But now i'm fully devoted to the Matter team and i'm ready to catch some big victories in 2007, i will also have to be like a captain for my mates since apart Yann all the other guys are new on the WIC and they need to learn the way to skate a marathon.I wanna achieve this new challenge and for sure this year is gonna be one of the most chalenging season for me.

-After representing in Cartagena, you won quite easily the international tournament in Lagos Portugal. What were the main differences between this two big events? Tell us about this two experiences.

-Each year the winter is a way too long, so when Guido (Patincarrera) emailed me and told me i was invited to race in Cartagena Colombia, i was really happy to be able to compete on a high level while the other french guys were freezing at training in France.I knew i wouldn't fight for the victorybut this competion was a good way to start the new season. In Lagos, i was contesting in the colors of the French selection.After2006 season little disappointing, i decided to focus much more on traditionnal races. I think it's really important, cause then after skating more often track and road racing, the training for worlds gets easier and you are used to this tough races. The main difference between this two event was the level. Indeed in Colombia, the event was part of the qualifying race to be part of the national team for the worlds in Cali, so all the top Colombian skaters were really fit there.I was just arriving from France were the tempature was arround 3° and there in Colombia it was really hot like 30°. Added to the lime lag the temperature gap did not help me to skate well. It was almost the same for all the European skaters, but day after day and race after race i felt better and better and i finally finished with a good 6th place on the marathon ahead some world class Colombian skaters. In Lagos there were not any south american skaters, so eventough there were some world class skaters like Pier Davide Romani and Garikoitz Lerga we couldn't do any comparison.Back from Cartagena i had a good rythm, that's why i won the first race, you know the difference between me and the other skaters was exactly the same as in Cartagena when i raced the first day versus the Colombians, but i was suprise to sprint versus Garikoitz cause i didn't expect him to be that fast. Eventhough Lagos was not that big i got a lot of fun to race there, especially when i won the point race which was for me the first time in senior. I was pretty happy to beat Pier Davide which got 4th on that race at worlds in Anyang but i really wanna dedicate this victory to ewen that did an amazing job for me.

-Ewen is new in the team and for his first year in senior he's gonna contest the FIC and some WIC, it seems he did really well his job to bring you to the victory in Lagos...What are you expecting from him for the upcoming season?

-As a first race in senior, Ewen did a really good job. I knew he would do it well anyway, because i knew he would listen to my advices during the race. Ewen is that kind of guy that kill himself to bring you to the victory like was Franck Cardin in the past. Both are not so fast but they can kill everybody and help you till dying. I wish him to have a career as successfull as Franck. Ewen he still young and we have to be carefull not to burn him too early because he's not used to race every week end, but for sure if he's trainng well and listening to our advices he will be one of the best workers worldwide on marathon and traditionnal races. You can count on him in the future.

-In 2006 you got pretty good results in WIC with 8th overall but you didn't reach your goals in the international champs...What are gonna be your goals in 2007?

-Last year i really wanted to do a good WIC season but unfortunatly i was not really lucky, several times i was close to catch a podium like in seoul where i got 4th. I know it's more important to win a WIC race than always being in the top then but to me when you are in the top 10 overall it's also showing your ability to skate on a high level the whole season, that's why in 2007 i'll try to finish again well placed overall but the main target will be to catch some podiums and victory in WIC. I'm also focused on Worlds this year after being a little disappointed of my results in anyang last year...


Monday, 12 March 2007


A small step form POWERSLIDE, but a giant leap for mankind


Since Powerslide started with Speed Skating in 2002, Powerslide has innovated:Heatmouldbale resin (SHMR-Technology), Skeleton concept for perfect fit and performance, X-Slot mounting on boots and frames, the first products in speed designed and engineered for women, adjustbale buckle positions and the X-Torsion bar with integrated ventilation.Powerslide started with modest entry level speed skates, with composite shells with good fit and performance and has worked its way up to leading and ground breaking technology in skating. So the new CUSTOM project is a natural step in the determination of POWERSLIDE to be the best and most active brand in inline speed skating."Right now we cover all price points for boots with POWERSLIDE and CORE. Furthermore we can now honestly state that we have the most successful frame in world championship history, the XXX, with 15 titles in 2006. Therefore, customs boots were the only missing link and we all agree that having an own custom program completes our status as the 360 degrees speed company", said Joost van Schaik, sales manager and fomer Dutch PRO speedskater.Actually, the development of the POWERSLIDE brand can be measured by the world titles won: in 2003 zero, in 2004 two, in 2005 5 titles and in 2006 we gathered no less as 12 world titles on POWERSLIDE racing boots.Together with top skaters throughout the world, our own team skaters and technical product specialists we have worked on the custom project since september 2005. Now we are happy to announce the complete POWERSLIDE custom program. Highest technology for world class athletes and speedskating lovers, who want the ultimate fit and performance.POWERSLIDE and CORE guarantee:- perfect fit- perfect powertransfer and performance- 100% customer satisfaction- in time delivery with a fixed delivery date- made in Germany customs bootsBut POWERSLIDE would not be POWERSLIDE if we would not offer some new and unique TECHNOLOGY:New patent pending "Hollow Tubes Inserts" will be included in ALL custom shells to make the shell stiffer, lighter and garantee a perfect powertransfer.You can order the Powerslide custom boot in any of the following designs:- Powerslide C4 2007- Powerslide C2 Pascal Briand PRO- Core XXX Alexis Contin PRO
More details to follow soon at this site, or if you want to know more NOW, please contact us at

Timmerman-Powerslide world team 2007

Timmerman-Powerslide Since this week the Timmerman-Powerslide team is training together in Holland. The team, with Shinki Yamamoto, Ronan Sanchez, Karlo Timmerman, Mark Horsten en Gary Hekman are preparing for the upcoming season.
After the succesfull season 2006, Yann Guyader left the team to join the new Matter worldteam. Team Timmerman-Powerslide give a chance to the young Spanish Ronan Sanchez and the Japanese champion Shinki Yamamoto. together with the contracted Dutch champion marathon Gary Hekman, Dutch champion elimination Mark Horsten and Dutch champion 500 Karlo Timmerman the team is ready to compete in 2007.
The team is proud to present Timmerman Transport and Powerslide as the mainsponsors of 2007. Together with some new sponsors, the team is looking forward t the new season. Next week the team will travel to Gijon (spain) for a trainingscamp together with the flowteam. European champion Jan Blokhuijsen is a new member of the flowteam.

Nachi Shinozuka:

Japanese Nachi Shinozuka travelled with Shinki to Holland. She will join the Timmerman-Powerslide team for the trainingscamp to spain and will race some races in Holland for Timmerman-Powerslide. In the World-Inline-cup she will join the Powerslide-World-inlinecenter team. Nachi is marathon champion 2006 of japan.

Ronan Sanchez winner Spanish indoorchampionship:

Last weekend Ronan Sanchez of Timmerman Powerslide won the Spanish indoorchampionship. He won both the 1000m and 3000 pointrace. After winning in Gijon, Timmerman-Powerslide is starting well again in 2007!

Brand new design for the Matter juice wheel

MATTER is coming in 2007 with a brand new design for the fastest wheel on earth approved by the best skaters worldwide!!!how do you like it?

M1 & M2 inline skates

You probably know them from the ice, but now they have come to the streets. M1 and M2, first production line with 165 mounting distance, fit great together with the V-Type frame, ask your dealer for them. Surely he will give you a good deal.

Tuesday, 6 March 2007

Powerslide winning on the ice

Last week in the Nederlands, was won an ice marathon(very popular sport out there) on the "finishlinePOWERSLIDE" blade.
Powerslide caught its first victory on ice and shown his ability to make high quality stuff either on ice after showing their skills on inline.